De Havilland Dreams Are Something We Share

de Havilland DreamsAll Images via Screenshot

They Might Not Be This Vivid, But We’ve All Had De Havilland Dreams Like This One At Some Point.

de Havilland DreamsWhether you’ve spent tens of thousands of hours as the pilot in command of a float plane or you are still counting your days until you get your first flight in one almost all of us have had some kind of de Havilland dreams.¬†Henny Jungemann of Kodiak, Alaska sent us this amazing video this week of some of his de Havilland dreams that he managed to capture on video.

Like so often happens, we slip off into this dream while doing some reading and studying about how to fly floatplanes. And even though dreaming about it may not actually help your stick and rudder skills, it can certainly boost your motivation.

This beautiful flight took place around Kodiak Island, Alaska and shows that even for those who actually get to live out their de Havilland dreams, it never becomes any less of one.

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