You Can Fly The Martin Mars at AirVenture 2016

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AirVenture 2016 has announced that you will be able to fly the Martin Mars at AirVenture 2016!

Fly the Martin MarsAirVenture 2016 at Oshkosh was already going to be a huge deal because of the enormous special fly in, but now that we know that you can actually fly the Martin Mars, things have stepped up to a whole new level.

Start saving your money now, because you are probably going to need it this summer at Oshkosh. It’s now been announced that AirVenture 2016 will feature the ‘Ultimate Flying Experience’ including one, two, or three days in the cockpit as Pilot In Command of the Martin Mars.

No word yet on exactly what the pricing is going to look like, but we can almost guarantee it will be a pretty penny to sit in the cockpit of this flying monster. At the same time you can almost be assured that it will be well worth the cost. How many chances will you ever have to be PIC in this beautiful flying boat?

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