Would You Trust This Half Car Float Plane Tow?

Half Car Float Plane TowAll Images via Screenshot

This Half Car Float Plane Tow Looks Quite Interesting, But Would You Actually Trust It With Your Plane?

Half Car Float Plane TowYou’ve heard the old saying ‘If you want something done right then do it yourself’; apparently the same goes for building a seaplane tow. If you want one that does exactly what you want it to and works just the way you need it to work then you should just build it yourself.

While that does seem nice in theory, it practice it’s something we’re not so sure about. Why? Because you end up with things like this half car float plane tow that are driving down the ramp with only the front half of a car to pick up a float plane at the edge of the water.

While this system seems a bit sketchy at first glance, the folks using it don’t seem to mind. The video comes from Vancouver International Airport and to us it looks like one of those situations where the only reason you wouldn’t trust it is because it’s not quite what you are used to.

Who knows… this half car float plane tow system may be the next big thing in seaplane aviation…

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