Tide Is Turning, General Aviation Growing In It’s Value Being Realized.

Tide Is Turning, General Aviation Growing In It’s Value Being Realized

007-editedAs the year comes to a close I thought it was exciting to point out the below.  I started to work on developing a response plan for my state of Washington that I grew up in and have come to care deeply for about 12 years ago after watching the disaster of Hurricane Katrina unfold.  Out of that and looking for ways to improve our chance I stumbbled upon float aviation and that has grown over the years to include land and float planes.  It has been a long haul and when I started this so long ago I definitely had no idea how large this would become, but it is good to see the below occuring.

A great deal of thanks to many who have supported the effort, but especially the Air Care Alliance (ACA) , Emergency Volunteer Air Corps (EVAC), Kenmore Air, Washington Seaplane Pilots Association (WSPA), Columbia Seaplane Pilots Association (CSPA), City of Kenmore, City of Kenmore fire department and the California base Disaster Airlift Response Plan (DARP) organizers.  Plus the many other EMS, community volunteers, pilots and national groups that have made a better future for many.

Land and float plane General Aviation (GA) is starting to be recognized as an important part in the recovery efforts in the aftermath of the magnitude 8 plus earthquake the West Coast is due for. This is one of those resources that can help a great deal in the after math of the massive loss of roads, bridges, pass roads and when bringing in float planes, even loosing airports does not have to mean the total shut down of ability to move resources.

Below are some examples of why this is such an important element to the West Coast’s recovery plans. Twin engine start up of float. What I find of interest is how closely ground crews work around these aircraft and also how a simple floating dock is how little man made support is needed to facilitate movement of resources.

This other is just a great shot of a river take off. With floats and probably a little more experienced pilot the runways don’t have to be strait.

This is a article on Seaplanemagazine.com about not just floats, but with links to land based general aviation helping after an earthquake to deliver 1/2 million pounds of supplies.

Do We Truly Learn From The Past?

Last is the most recent disaster exercise video of a float plane exercise in Washington.

The Emergnecy Volunteer Air Corps home page and ESRP’s home page.


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