Initial First Test of National WCGARP Alerting System

Initial First Test of National WCGARP Alerting System

IMG_0630Earlier this week was yet another first in the further development of the West Coast General Aviation Response Plane (WCGARP).

We did our first test of the initial alerting method to notify ACA/EVAC of an earthquake occurring on a multi-state level and is something we’ll do on a every other month bases. Its a very simple 20 sec method that does the two critical aspects below.

We have a good dispersion of individuals that if they feel the planet move are willing to kick out that critical initial text strait to ACA/EVAC leadership to notify that we just got hit. Because of where these individuals live, it will also at the same time give a snap shot of how much area is affected. That is critical to getting things going to back up the West Coast.

This is very similar to a tsunami warning system where a off shore buoy trips a sensor based on wave height that 307alerts a central monitoring facility. Only this time the buoys are living human beings.

Of course after the initial alert the ACA/EVAC leadership will be cued up to monitor the WCGARP email group and get further updates direct from ground zero.

This is one aspect that can make a big difference by cutting down the response time and that saves lives.


A little history;

Before I became a nurse I worked in AT & T’s National Operations Center for the whole cellular network. So we also had t.v. and had news for the 12hr shifts.

When 9-11 happened and Hurricane Katrina I was front row for 12 hrs a day for 4 to 3 day stretches seeing this nations response to catastrophe while dealing with it first hand to our disruption to our cellular network.

007 EditedOne of the big things for me as a take away was the delay in getting information to the top significantly delays response and that can get people killed.

So with the initial alert method and the follow up with the WCGARP we are using technology to hopefully improve and have better response times.

I believe that getting information from ground zero to the very top in essentially 20 seconds will significantly save lives by fast tracking the national activation of the general aviation fleet.  Because of the scope of damage that is to come this ability to quickly and effectively get information as to the nature, where and how much is affected is going to make a major difference to the out come for many.

Sky Terry

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