Trans Maldivian Airways Plane Goes Down at Velana International Airport

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A TMA Seaplane Crash has been reported  at Velana International Airport with 9 passengers on board.

Reports are in of a Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA) flight attempting to land at Velana International Airport’s waterway tipped over on Saturday Morning at around 8:30am.

The plane was coming from Conrad Maldives Rangali to Velana with 9 passengers and 3 crew on board when the crash occurred. According to reports there were a few minor injuries but there were no significant injuries.

All flight operations were put on hold for around one hour but then were resumed as scheduled. One of the planes floats was pulled to the shore but the fuselage of the plane sank to the sea floor before it could be towed in.

TMA Seaplane Crash

Image via AeroChapter

TMA keeps at least one rescue boat on standby and is known for passenger safety and the “go to” method of travel in the Maldives. They are currently conducting an internal investigation into the crash.

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  1. David Marion | June 1, 2017 at 2:54 pm |

    Weather does not appear to have been a cause or even a factor. I’ll look forward to hearing what the real problem was. Glad to hear that nobody was seriously hurt.

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