Here’s the ‘Fire Boss’ a New Air Tanker to Fight Wildfires In San Diego

Fire BossImage via Screenshot

Seaplanes show off their many uses once again as San Diego County acquires a new resource to fight wildfires this summer season. 

During the hottest months of summer, County officials will be able to call on the “Fire Boss” air tanker, thanks to a private-public partnership, City and law enforcement leaders announced Thursday.

The single engine air tanker comes at no cost to taxpayers: Aero Spray Inc., the company that operates the plane, will provide the aircraft for free through the end of July for orientation and demonstration exercises.

“Fire Boss” has a three-hour fuel endurance limit and can take off and land on a body of water. The plane can carry up to 800 gallons of water.

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The fixed-wing aircraft will take off from Lower Otay Lake, where it will scoop up water from the lake and then fly to the fire.


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