Seaplanes In The Crosshairs in MT & MN

Seaplanes In Cross-Hairs in Montana & Minnesota

Minnesota: Seaplanes made it in the cross-hairs of upset NIMBY’s three times within the shortest time in June, with frustrated residents opposing a FAA & State of Minnesota certified Seaplane runway known as Elbow Lake Municipal Airport. Airport officials have warned pilots not to ‘warm up’ their planes in the future. They have also advised residents to try to capture the identification numbers of the offending planes so they can pinpoint the source of the some of the issues. We invite local pilots to share their side of the story in the comments.

Montana Story

Bozeman, MT residents living outside Yellowstone National Park strongly opposed to plans to start seaplane tours of the park and surrounding area this summer. Those flights were planned to be conducted by Yellowstone Seaplanes. More than 140 signatures had been collected against the operation by the time of this reporting. At this time, we are following this developing story and invite local pilots & Yellowstone Seaplanes to let us know how things progress.

Minnesota Again

Meanwhile, on June 8, heavily intoxicated Minnesotan Courtney Zack deemed it proper to interfere with the operation of a seaplane by preventing that airplane from landing on Watab Lake by the use of a pontoon and ending up in a heated argument with its pilot upon landing. The plane had been able to land after the pilot had called Stearns County Sheriff’s Office. Mr. Zack found himself arrested on multiple charges after leaving the scene by Pickup Truck.

Watab Lake also has some history of AIS infestation, in June of 2016 curly-leaf pondweed had been discovered in the vicinity of a public boating access.

Have fun out there, enjoy your summer, don’t warm up your planes, don’t have any business ideas or get attacked by drunken sailors while trying to land your plane! We are all counting on you, down here!

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