The NIMBY Movement Wins Again

NIMBY’s Win Against Seaplane Business Plans

Update EditorialAs too often, the bad news reach most seaplane pilots well after they have happened. We just really love the videos, pictures and good news, be it a 4 year old soloing in his grandfathers Widgeon or some other fancy story that shows just how well we are off in the U.S.A. when it comes to general aviation and seaplanes. The dark sides usually stay well concealed, not without the help of those affected.

On 6/23/2017 we reported about press articles indicating some trouble with local NIMBY’s having collected more than 140 signatures against Yellowstone Seaplanes request to permit sightseeing operations. As so often the case when partisan parties clash there really wasn’t a chance for success as the well organized citizen group wasn’t going to look for fact or reason, but the decision was made before the meeting.

“It was a very scientific approach to it, but it was lost on all the public that showed up and they were not open to hear my information,”~ Lauren Dewitt said.

As NBC Montana reports, roughly 100 residents attended a meeting at the Holiday Inn to voice their concerns overĀ the company. As so often, people remain worried that seaplanes jeopardize the safety of boaters and kayakers, and that the noise levels would be disruptive. Lauren Dewit, the applicant-owner of Yellowstone Seaplanes, told NBC Montana he feels he was shut down from the beginning.

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