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Creating Passion For Aviation In Today’s Age

In times when access to airplanes is restricted by fences and security and a quick glimpse in the cockpit of an airliner requires a few weeks of background checking and vetting, peoples interest in aviation and flying remains higher than ever. Sure, there are desktop flight simulators one can buy but none comes close to the real thing. Its something different to be in a real cockpit, with actual controls in real size. Few companies have ventured into the fixed base simulator world, mostly due to the hefty price-tags attached to such machines. The absolute veterans in the industry are former Lufthansa Captain Walter Drasl and Jens Katenkamp who’s Flugsimulator.com we were invited to visit.

The company is operating the simulator right from Terminal 3 in the middle of Bremen Airport (BRE). During our visit, countless people stopped by to catch a peek through the window or to watch the TV Screen displaying whats going on in the cockpit. Working by appointment, customers either book their session online or by phone or email. Showing up on time is all there is left to do before stepping into a well lit, fresh and young environment that spells aviation passion. Mind you, the simulator itself is a real cockpit of a A320 that previously flew for Air France.

After choosing between water or coffee, customers sit for a 15-20 minute slide briefing that gives a general overview and cockpit orientation of the Airbus A320 that is about to be flown. Basic aerodynamic controls, spoilers, slats, flaps, gear, rudder, nosewheel steering, all the way to callouts and basic procedures during the flight. Explaining these sometimes strange concepts requires a calm approach and a KISS principle. Keeping things simple is paramount.

Waiting for Push-back at BRE Airport

Customer In Flight

Night Approach to Hamburg, Germany (EDDH/HAM)

Flight Programs

Customers choose between Basic, Exclusive and Professional programs and prices start at 99.- Euros for Basic ranging to 338.- Euros for the Professional. The big one includes up to two hours of flying time in the simulator. You may purchase a recording of your flight, gift certificates are available and there is even a jump seat for those who just wish to watch. During the week, customers may schedule Exclusive & Professional flights from 7AM to 11PM and frequent flyers are definitely welcome. Flugsimulator.com does have spots open during 7 days a week and run monthly seminars for those who tend to get nervous before flying. This 5 hour program is available for groups of up to six and conducted by experienced aviation professionals.

Professional Simulator Flights

There is more to discover for those seeking the thrill of flying a Full Motion Simulator in several locations as Captain Drasl is also Exclusive Partner of Lufthansa Aviation Training, which operates simulators in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Vienna, Austria. No matter if you wish to fly a 737, a 747, or an Airbus A380, there are literally endless choices to pick from. Check out www.proflight.com

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