One Year Anniversary And Solid Progress Being Made

One Year Anniversary Since News Interview, Solid Progress Being Made

As the one year anniversary of the Komo 4 news broadcast approaches it is good to see the amount of solid progress that is occurring. This has been a long road, but since that interview we now have our first Disaster Air Lift Response Team (DART) in Washington State and our first county that has been fully scouted by a float plane for all possible locations that float planes could render assistance in that county after we get hit by the big one.  Lives will be saved and people will get help that they otherwise wouldn’t have received.  The leadership and foresight that is occurring out in the peninsula is helping save future lives.

Link to news interview last year;

This significantly helps our state be better prepared and it’s good to see that other areas are becoming more interested in general aviation as an important if not vital resource in this state’s recovery. This timing is fortuitous as new flying boats are being built with modern- day material that could prove a tremendous benefit to this state’s recovery efforts. Link to their information;

It is a special privilege to have gotten the chance to work with so many individuals over the last 12 plus years that this has been in development. This first started with the float pilots of Kenmore Air and then the Washington Seaplane Pilots Association (WSPA) at its earliest beginnings to what has now become an international effort with the Air Care Alliance (ACA) and Emergency Volunteer Air Corps (EVAC) helping to support the effort in conjunction with many others to include the original Disaster Airlift Response Team (DART) developers out of California.  It is rare in this life that you get that opportunity to be a part of something that can help so many.

After having survived a repelling accident that by all rights should have left me for dead, then developing Atrial Fibrillation and going through cardio-version I’ve learned how fleeting and fragile this existence can be.  Combined with the multiple traffic accidents I’ve stopped to help at, not always the best imagines to remember, it’s given me a desire to make sure that with the multiple second chances I’ve been given that I’ve used my life to help others and lived it well.

Time will tell if that has been done, but in the interim it is some truly amazing individuals I’ve gotten the chance to work with. Here is a unique pictorial history of the journey.

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