Curriers Flying Service; Classic TV Coverage

Classic TV Coverage Of Curriers Flying Service in Maine


One of the classics videos portraying the beauty of flying float planes in Maine was done by WGME back in 2012. Every once in a while Roger Currier shares some of the many videos you can find on his Youtube channel.

Roger Currier, who started Currier’s Flying Service on Moosehead Lake in 1982 is an icon in the seaplane industry, having been a contract pilot for Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife before moving on to running his own show in 1982. Today, passengers can choose from six different tours starting as low as $40.00 to open ended Moose Watch Tours.

Definitely worth a visit is his museum style hangar in Greenville Junction, ME. (USA) – where he keeps some of the most interesting things for people.

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