AEROCET Receives STC On 6750 Straight Floats

Aerocet™ Receives Supplemental Type Certificate On 6750 Floats On Kodiak

Aerocet™ has reported from #OSH17 that it has received the FAA STC for the 6750 model straight floats installed on the Quest Aircraft Company KODIAK 100. Further they are excited to have finally received the long awaited validation approval on both the 6650 amphibious float model and the 6750 straight float model for the Philippines, which came in only a day later. The straight float has accomplished the feat of taking a fully loaded Kodiak 100 off the water in just 18 seconds flat. Official news release is pending and will be shared here when available.

About Aerocet™: The companies entry into the market demanded an addressing of the failures of previous composite floats. Due to improper use of materials and poor hydrodynamic design, a stigma needed to be overcome. With certification over twenty years ago, critics and skeptics alike have come to appreciate the new-found quality of composite floats.

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