Airventure 2018 – Can We Bring News From #OSH18?

Picture: EAA Seaplane Base Gallery

Airventure 2018 – Live Coverage From The Oshkosh SPB?

Picture via EAA Seaplane Base Gallery

Airventure 2017, socially referred to as #OSH17 (on Facebook and elsewhere), was an event of epic proportions and a masterpiece in organization from thousands of volunteers, who definitely made EAA shine, last week. But, news coverage of the event was extremely difficult for us, as we had no boots on the ground. Everything happened on Facebook and other social media channels and it quickly became impossible to catch it all.  Surprisingly, not a single video or picture reached us from the Oshkosh Seaplane Base this year.

As one of the sites with no presence on the grounds, this limited our ability to bring more genuine content and #Waterflying topics to our readers. Something we would like to change for the 2018 event, if possible.

Airventure 2018 – Directly From The Seaplane Base In Oshkosh?

There have already been some invitations and questions about’s plans to cover Airventure 2018. If we can raise the financial support required to swing it, we’d love to bring #OSH18 directly from the Seaplane Base, covering news from both, the seaplane base and from the booths manned by those with an interest and business in seaplanes. How about interviews, videos and own articles, tailored to #Waterflying? Do you think it would be worth the effort?

If you have ideas and suggestions, let us know in the comments or via E-Mail: [email protected] – where we also appreciate your story ideas, write-ups, pictures from the Seaplane Base 2017, trip-reports and guest articles!

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