EU: Sky[Nav]Pro Now Exclusive Distributor of pc_met

sky[nav]pro Now Offical And Exclusive DWD & pc_met Distribution Partner

Dacher Systems GmbH, developer of the sky[nav]pro™, a VFR navigation solution & app, just announced that the company will be the first official distribution partner for Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD – German Meteorology Service) and now has exclusive distributorship for the self-briefing weather portal pc_met® for users of the sky[nav]pro™- Navigation Box. This step extends and enhances the weather briefing capabilities for users of the sky[nav]pro™ navigation solution, adding a valuable and useful component.

This step further saves pilots from having to have several contracts with various providers and simplifies the process by making Dacher Systems the sole contractual partner. The sky[nav]pro™ team has had a few busy weeks working on getting other weather providers on board, a step aimed to further expand and globally expand offered weather data through new providers. Marwin D. Knoblauch, Manager of Aviation Services at Dacher states, that the integration of this data in the avionics of renowned manufacturers via interfaces is currently a high priority.

The API (Application Programming Interface) on the basis of known standards and possible compatibility’s were completed over the past few weeks. This means that sky[nav]pro™ continues to make valid and current in-flight weather data available in advanced cockpit architectures. Allowing the display of situational weather data as picture on various navigation displays will be possible in the future. With these steps, Dacher Systems responds to the requests voiced by numerous users who have played a key role in providing valuable feedback which continues to flow into sky[nav]pro’s™ further development.

About SkyNavPro™
SkyNavPro™ was developed by Dacher Systems GmbH, which was launched in 2005 as as an IBM-based systems company headed by Tiberius Dacher, CEO. Dacher Systems rapidly developed into a solution provider for telematics and avionics. As a member of the European Telematics Group, Telematics PRO e.V., Dacher Systems is known for the creation and design of social mobility solutions. The company has offices in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Zurich and Kronstadt, Romania and assists international corporations in the aerospace sector. Both, Marvin Knoblauch and Tiberius Dacher are passionate pilots as well. Further information at