Philippine Validation Of STC For Aerocet 6650 & 6750’s

PhilippineAerocet 6650 Amphibious Float

Aerocet™ receives Philippine validation of STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) approval for both 6650 amphibious and 6750 straight floats on KODIAK 100


Aerocet 6650 Amphibious Float

Aerocet™ reported on July 26th, that it has received the Philippine validation of their FAA Supplemental Type Certificate approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines. This applies to model 6650 amphibious – and 6750 straight aircraft floats for the Quest Aircraft KODIAK 100 model aircraft.

Aerocet™ flew both the 6650 amphibious model and 6750 straight floats on the Quest KODIAK 100 during testing. Float performance characteristics on both products prove to be faster on the step and off the water than any other platform in its category. “Testing on the 6750 was conducted at sea level near Seattle and we consistently recorded time off the water at better than eighteen seconds at full gross weight in different configurations with the standard four blade prop” said Tom Hamilton, President of Aerocet.


Getting up on the step and out of the water faster is critical because it provides increased safety margins, reduces the amount of time stressing and loading the airframe during take-off and finally it allows you to get into and out of smaller bodies of water, increasing operational and enjoyment opportunities”.

The Aerocet™ 6750 model composite straight floats are approximately three hundred and fifty pounds lighter than their 6650 amphibious version and include unique features like strong and lightweight blends of carbon fiber materials that are designed to be tough, lightweight and eliminate the problems of corrosion and leaks inherent with aluminum. These features offer incredible benefit to reducing operational costs in warm saltwater like those experienced in the Philippines.

Established in 1986, Aerocet™ is the world’s premier manufacturer of certified composite aircraft floats. The company’s product line includes straight composite aircraft float models for water only landings, as well as amphibious aircraft floats designed for both land and water landings. For more information about Aerocet™ visit

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