Minnesota SPA Seaplane Seminar From May 2017

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The 2017 Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association – Safety Seminar

MinnesotaMay 2017 Missed News – The 2017 Minnesota Seaplane Pilots Association Safety Seminar was held from May 19.-21 at Maddens on Gull Lake in Brainerd, MN. Even though we ask private seaplane pilots, Seaplane Pilots Association and local seaplane advocacy organizations to send us news and events for sharing, we often depend on readers to make us aware of things we missed. We’re very glad that there is David Quam’s Youtube Channel. Dave, who is the founder of SPA and known as “SPA1“, uploads a lot of video footage on his channel, which sports more than 2000 subscribers. Traditionally, we don’t share videos that have collected countless views, but rather try to bring you footage rarely seen. Only 271 had seen this video as of today.

The video is a bit lengthy with more than 1 hour of view-time, but of course we watched it as it contained some interesting figures shared by SPA Executive Director Steve McCaughey.

Those just interested in some of the figures the SPA’s Executive Director shared during his 30 minute speech, will be happy to hear that 200 pilots attended the meeting and some 20 seaplanes ended up lining the shore of Maddens.

Interesting Numbers – Top 10 Seaplane States In The U.S.

SPA Executive McCaughey shared some interesting figures with the audience, surprising some, by challenging visitors to name the Top 10 Seaplane States In The U.S. Here are the numbers:

(1) Florida 3.447 (2) Alaska 3.043 (3) California 2.542 (4) Washington 2.301 (5) Texas 1.727 (6) Minnesota 1.556 (7) Michigan 1.114 (8) New York 1.040 (9) Colorado 820 and (10) Arizona with 802 Seaplane ratings listed.

McCaughey continued that the nationwide number of rated seaplane pilots came in at 26.000, of which the SPA estimates 8.-10.000 actively flying. This would indicate quite a loss from previously circulated numbers in the range of 35.000 around 2010. The more shocking data-points raised by McCaughey, made attendees aware of the fact that the average age of a seaplane pilot is beyond 60 years, with 84% of SPA’s members aged 50 or higher. 

McCaughey also points to more troubling developments by sharing that international dollars going into the float industry have exceeded national spending. Looking at those numbers makes avoiding extinction and getting younger people involved in this history- rich activity, a top priority for SPA’s Executive, as it should be of concern to everyone else in this industry. SPA recently signed a 50 year lease on a larger property in Winterhaven, FL where the expansion of SPA’s Headquarters is commencing.

Looking At A Different Set Of Numbers – For A Different Perspective

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