Pilots Attacked By Crowd After Emergency Landing

PilotsPicture: EPA

Pilots Surrounded & Attacked After Emergency Landing On Beach Goes Sideways


Picture: EPA

The pilots of a Cessna 150 that made an emergency landing on a packed beach near Lisbon on Wednesday were attacked by an angry mob. The incident unfortunately killed a 50 – year old male and an 8 – year old girl who were sunbathing and unable to hear the approaching aircraft.

“Those first moments were very tense,” one witness, named only as Mafalda, told a Portuguese paper. “People wanted to attack the pilot and began to shout and call him a killer.” Fortunately, police were able to intervene and get the two occupants of the plane to safety.


Picture: Associated Press

The plane was operated on a local training flight, with the instructor on board being highly experienced. Portuguese Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash.

Emergency landings on beaches and close to shore count high among the top horror scenarios for pilots. The topic, which is discussed frequently among pilots, has good reasons to come up. While every pilot is trained to select “appropriate” emergency landing spots, beaches often present a fairly well manageable target site. Unfortunately we are not yet capable to predict just when and where the engine will quit and even with lots of experience, there is no guarantee that things will work out as planned.

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