Baltic Seaplane Summer Tour 2017 Starts

Picture: Baltic Seaplane, GmbH

Baltic Seaplane Starts “Plauer Waterflying Weeks” Event 2017

11144463_1651030688450632_6112629867158457263_nFrom August 6. – 13., 2017 Baltic Seaplane GmbH conducts its “Plauer Waterflying Weeks” again and flies and trains in some of Eastern Germany’s most beautiful  “Mecklenburgische Seenplatte” area, located roughly 2 hours north of Berlin. The week provides opportunities to splash in and train towards the seaplane rating in one of Europes most restrictive and limited seaplane countries.

Pictures with permission from them below. They are on Facebook and happy to see likes or shares and certainly look forward to a visit from you during your next Europe vacation.

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Also find them on Facebook and of course via their website:

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