Behind The Scenes Video: Albatross Photo Shoot

AlbatrossPicture: Video Screen Capture - Landing

Behind The Scenes Video: A Grumman Albatross Photo Shoot

Guest Editorial & Video submitted by Erik Johnston – The Mid America Flight Museum has been having a lot of fun lately with their Grumman Albatross. I was fortunate enough to participate in a photo / video shoot with the large amphibious aircraft. Aviation photographer Philipp Prinzing flew over to Mt Pleasant TX from Germany to do a feature story on the museum and the Albatross.

Background Story From Erik Johnston

We used the museum’s Bell Long Ranger helicopter as the photo platform. I was in the Albatross and had several cameras mounted on the Albatross and one on the helicopter to capture the flight from multiple angles. Gary Gingrich flew the helicopter. Gary is a highly experienced helo pilot that cut his teeth in Vietnam.  Photographer Philipp Prinzing was in the back shooting through a small sliding window.

I was in the Albatross with a hand held gimbal and also had two additional GoPro’s, one in the cockpit plugged into the coms and one on the left wing to capture the splashing. It worked out very well and once back home, I married up the clips and cut out all the non talking parts to make the video have a faster flow.

I’ve been producing aviation videos for around nine years and love every opportunity I get to make another one to share with everyone. I have a series that’s called The Walkaround, where typically the pilot of the aircraft gives us a very detailed walk-around and explanation of everything on the aircraft and how it all works.

Scott Glover and the team at the Mid America Flight have been a wonderful help in making several of these videos.

The Mid America Flight Museum is located in Mt Pleasant Texas. It has a little over 45 aircraft ranging from a 1925 Waco 9, all the way to a MD 500 helicopter. Several of the aircraft in the collection are from the WWII era.

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