PK Floats Develops New Line Of Composite Floats

PKPicture: PK Floats, Inc. Video

PK Floats Develops New Line of Composite Floats


Picture: PK Floats, Inc. Video

The PK Floats brand has earned a high reputation in the market. Now the company reports venturing into the composite float market with the all new PK1750 carbon fiber float. The float is designed for experimental aircraft between 1430 and 1865 pounds in gross weight and PK plans to bring them to Greenville, Maine for the International Seaplane Fly-In (September 7-10th) on an 115hp, 1600 pound gross weight experimental Cub.

The PK1750 is a completely new float, designed from the keel up. It features flat tops, 6 water tight compartments, fluted bottoms, and ample buoyance. When designing a new float, it is critical to strike a balance between strength and weight. Carbon fiber was selected as a material for its high strength to weight ratio. The geometry of the hull was also designed to maximize strength. For example, the compound curvature of the forward bottom adds significant strength without adding extra weight. The total weight for these floats with Cub attachment rigging is under 200 pounds.


PK Floats, Inc.

Advantages of carbon floats include increased impact resistance, less weight, decreased manufacturing time and cost, resistance to corrosion, and resistance to leakage over tradition aluminum floats. Aluminum floats have their place, especially for operators flying into the back country in less than ideal conditions all season long. The carbon fiber float is geared to the weekend warrior who wants to pond hop, beat his buddies in a takeoff contest and fly out to a remote trout pond for a day or two.

The elegant design, light weight, and ample buoyancy makes the PK1750 an ideal float for a wide range of experimental and LSA aircraft that haven’t had many float options in the past. The PK1750 will initially be offered with Cub attachment gear, but the company works on offering additional aircraft attachment rigging. Other options are available as well, such as storage lockers. If you have an experimental aircraft, and want floats, we will work with you to make it happen.

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