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Meet Scandinavian Skies – Norway’s Only Commercial Seaplane Business

ScandinavianScandinavian Skies is a Norwegian company with head offices in Bergen and the only provider of seaplane flight services in Norway. Using a fairly similar infrastructure, and certainly enough usable water, Norway has a long tradition of operating seaplanes. All the more excited we are to have a conversation with Daniel Boden, the companies founder and owner. Daniel operates a Cessna 206 on straight floats.

Norway has a rich and long history of Waterflying, from the early 1930`s seaplanes kept the country connected for over 40 years before land planes and airports became more common as a connector for the more remote locations. Even though seaplanes had pretty much disappeared from almost all countries in Europe over the years, operators still realized the great potential and advantages of seaplanes compared to helicopters and land-based airplanes.

Scandinavian Skies was established in 2016 with the ambition to continue the long history of commercial seaplane operations in Norway. The company is operated in a joint venture with JS Aviation Finland under EASA Air Operator Certificate FI.AOC.042. Founder Daniel Boden has previous experience as a pilot and instructor for different seaplane companies as well as airline operations from short-haul turboprop aircraft to long-haul wide-body jets. Check them out via their website or pay a visit through Facebook.

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  1. How about sending us an email about your operation, together with some pictures (for example) for coverage?

  2. Bård Sørbye | August 11, 2017 at 5:09 am |

    Please note: Fonnafly sjø operates a fleet of 6 cessna 206 on floats year round from their base in Rosendal in Hardanger, Norway.

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