Events: Pilot Careers Live In Berlin On Sept. 16

Pilot Careers Live Event Takes Place On September 16 In Berlin

Pilot“Why is there advertising for a Pilot Career Fair in Berlin on” A rather legitimate question we’ve seen a few times, however there are reasons for it. Most of you have seen the content ads we frequently run in our articles, promoting Seager Publishing’s Pilot Careers Live Event, which is set to launch on Saturday, September 16 at the Maritim ProArte Hotel in Berlin. Part of the reason goes hand in hand with our #TheFutureOfWaterflying campaign we recently started on Facebook, part of it is that we reach a lot of younger European readers looking to learn more about career opportunities in the aviation world.

The Event Is Important For General & Business Aviation

We will attend this event for a variety of reasons. (1) To report about the event, (2) to connect with friends and business acquaintances, (3) To attend some of the seminars, (4) To speak with the owners and heads of very successful flight schools and FTO’s and aviation professionals, who are working in a difficult and challenging European market and last but not least, (5) To get an idea of what kind of questions keep younger people from entering into this often highly rewarding industry.

You Have To Become A Pilot Before Becoming A Seaplane Pilot

Picture Credit: Baltic Seaplanes, GmbH

The creation of future seaplane pilots and especially future commercial seaplane pilots requires a healthy flight training market, able to produce a sufficient number of pilots willing to invest lots of money, time and effort into a career-path that bears uncertainty at every turn. Only after completing at least a Private or Commercial Pilot License could one go on toward accomplishing the goal of being a Seaplane Pilot, – Seaplane Instructor or “Bush Pilot”. With seaplanes experiencing a renaissance here in Europe, time spent on information gathering is definitely well invested.

Europe’s Leading Flight Schools Are On Hand For Questions

Besides a well packed seminar schedule, PCL will give individuals a chance to ask representatives from Europe’s leading flight schools and Flight Training Organizations (FTO) all those questions, which could only be answered by visiting the school, otherwise. Here, highly experienced and well regarded professionals from the Airline Industry and from Business Aviation are on hand to answer everything from simple to complicated.

There is still time to sign up for the event, currently with a 50% discount on Tickets. Let others know of the event as well and see for information on the 5 other events already planned in London, Rome, Dublin, Frankfurt and Madrid.

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