Significant Exercise, Jefferson County, WA

Don Goodmans Cessna 182, sitting on AEROCET Floats surrounded by Emergency Exercise Personell

Significant Exercise In Jefferson County, WA – Proving Seaplanes Versatility & Usefulness In Saving Lives

Picture: Tara Terry – Don Goodmans Cessna 182; which is sitting on AEROCET Floats, surrounded by Emergency Exercise Personnel

By Sky Terry – What is coming to the west coast will devastate in a way and scale that is truly frightening, but within what the West Coast General Aviation Response Plan (WCGARP) work group is doing, general aviation pilots and the communities/counties that are coming together there lays this glimmer of hope. Through the use of general aviation, land and sea, many lives can be saved by providing a crucial and immediate way to keep transportation still going.

Many are coming to believe this will be general aviation’s finest hour or in these dark days ahead.

So on August 9th I was granted the privilege to work with community members, emergency services personnel from Jefferson County, The Navy and Don Goodman. Don is a highly experienced and passionate seaplane pilot from the West Coast General Aviation Response Plan (WCGARP) work group and also a member of the Washington Seaplane Pilots Association (WSPA). He flies a beautiful Cessna 182 that is equipped with AEROCET Floats. Volunteering his time and airplane to help us put this exercise on, is much appreciated.

It has been a long journey to come to this point and something truly special to see so much labor and years of work come to fruition to protect and serve so many. This exercise involved the training and orientation of the above services to the very unique world of seaplane operations.

Pictures: Tara Terry – Emergency Response Team Surrounding Sky Terry Click on the picture to visit the Flickr. Page.

The exercise was a tremendous success and significantly further enhanced peoples understanding  of how seaplanes can help in a disaster response and recovery environment.  Additionally in the later half we also discussed land based general aviation usage. It was a wonderful day and for me a special honor to get to work with so many talented individuals with such foresight in protecting their fellow community members.

The first link goes to pictures taken from that day by Tara Terry who is our photographer that has been with us documenting the many years of development.  These pictures span many years and the first ones are the ones of the Kala Point exercise.

Pictures: Tara Terry, Click to visit Flickr

The second link goes to the Peninsula Daily News Paper who has been kind enough to assist us in developing public awareness of this ground breaking development, occurring in both Jefferson and Clallam counties. Because of what these two counties are doing, I believe we have a much brighter future.

Thank you to all who have invested so much over the years, especially Kenmore Air and its wonderful people.  It is something to remember and an amazing legacy to get to be a part of.

Sky Terry is a Contributing Editor here at He writes on topics concerning the use of  Seaplanes and Flying Boats in Emergency & Disaster Relief.

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