Holland Based PBY Catalina Gear Malfunction


Holland Based PBY Catalina Has Gear Malfunction – Lands Safely

On August 15.  2017, PBY Catalina (PH-PBY) based on Lelystad Airport in Holland performed a successful emergency landing upon experiencing a nose gear malfunction. The very well performed landing displaying the effectiveness of flight controls throughout the whole procedure was caught on tape. Sincere compliments to the pilots for bringing this amazing bird back safely. Video Credit: HansvanBreukelen

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3 Comments on "Holland Based PBY Catalina Gear Malfunction"

  1. Superbly carried out landing. No need for foam afterwards, maybe spraying some foam on the centreline prior to landing would be more appropriate.

  2. My father flew pby Catalinas ww11 I have old photos of him and his crew fixing engines covered in grease with spanners having put it down on water

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