44th International Seaplane Fly-In In Greenville, ME


The Worlds Coolest International Seaplane Fly In

SeaplaneThose of you fortunate enough to have a travel and aviation event related budget should put the Town of Greenville, ME into your planes GPS or other vehicles navigation device soon. That’s because you definitely don’t want to miss one of the coolest events the seaplane industry has to offer. The International Seaplane Fly In in Greenville, Maine is on and running from September 7th to 10th. Thousands of spectators will enjoy this worldwide mega-collection of seaplanes and flying boats, with exhibits from most of our industry partners, cool competitions and an overall upbeat and positive attitude on display.

The International Seaplane Fly-In got its start in 1973 when Greenville was but a speck on the world map and a few bush pilots made a living flying sportsmen in and out of this remote area. Very few roads existed here at the time. It was during some down time on a wintry day when a few Greenville pilots thought it might be a good time to invite like-minded pilots to the area for a weekend of fun and flying.

A tradition was born when David Quam (the past-president of the Seaplane Pilots Assn.), Duane Lander, Telford Allen, Chip Taylor, Dick Folsom and Charlie Coe – truly one of the last of the late, great bush pilots — got the first Fly-In off the ground. It turned out to be a great success. Pilots from around the country started making it an annual run. By 1995, International Seaplane Fly-In became a non-profit corporation. Its purpose is to promote fellowship, personal contact, and unification among seaplane pilots, and recreational and competitive events, including at least one annual Fly-In.

Today, besides the Cessnas, Cubs and Beavers, some spectacular examples of rare planes make a showing. Those have included a traditional 1944 Grumman Goose. It is not unusual to see a Caravan or two, as well as many classic and experimental seaplanes. The design and diversity of these beauties, combined with the knowledge of the pilots flying them, make a tremendous weekend for the flying enthusiast. Don’t miss it! Seaplanemagazine.com plans to be present with a small booth, when the 45th anniversary rolls around.

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