Equator P2 Xcursion: First Look

Equator P2 XcursionPictures Courtesy of Equator Aircraft.

The Equator P2 Xcursion was unveiled at AERO Friedrichshafen, here’s a closer look.

Equator P2 Xcursion

Pictures Courtesy of Equator Aircraft.

Norwegian Equator Aircraft with its P2 Xcursion is looking to solve the self proclaimed “age old challenge of creating a flying boat with high performance.” With the first look at their creation, the Equator P2 Xcursion, it looks as if they are making some headway on at least putting in a viable option to solving that problem.

Take a look at the video below, released by Equator, and get a first look at just what makes up their Equator P2 Xcursion, the hybrid high-performance flying boat.


Equator says that four main factors go into solving the problems of the flying boat. The floatwing, removing the need for external high drag support and adding stability; the merged hull geometry, which minimizes drag on the boat hull section; the electric motor, which gives low weight and smooth aerodynamics; and the laminar flow which reduces drag. We talked to the developer of the electric motor in Friedrichshafen and there is more to come on this new technology from us.

Equator P2 Xcursion

Pictures Courtesy of Equator Aircraft.

The Equator X2 Xcursion is a 2 seater that weighs 240kg dry and has a max take-off weight of 750kg. It’s eco-cruise speed is 118kts but it will cruise at up to 130kts. It does have retractable landing gear for both airport and water landings and has a maximum range of 845nm.

Equator are currently looking for 10 beta-builders for the next step in getting this plane up and running. They estimate that a pilot who is a part of the experimental beta-builder program will spend a maximum of $150,000 to fully complete the aircraft. If you have free time for building coming up in 2018 and want one of these high-performance flying boats then more details can be found on their website.

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