Two Pilots Receive Master Pilot Award

Master Pilot AwardImage via U.S. Department of Transportation

The FAA recently awarded two pilots it’s most prestigious general aviation recognition, the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.

Master Pilot Award

John Duncan during his pilot training. – Image via U.S. Department of Transportation

If there is one thing every pilot needs to be concerned with, it’s safety. Of course, mistakes happen, whether it is complacency, mental error, or a technical error that the pilot couldn’t have prevented. But, rarely, there are two pilots out there who managed to avoid all of this and have spent more than 50 years with safe flying. Those pilots have recently been awarded the prestigious honor of the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award.

Bill Kelley, of Herron, Michigan and John Duncan, of Washington, DC were recently presented with the Master Pilot Award by FAA Administrator Michael Huerta for their safe contributions to general aviation. Kelley and Duncan join a list of over 4,100 U.S. citizen pilots who have received the award and are all published on the FAA’s “Roll of Honor.”

Bill Kelley is a retired school teacher with more than 3,000 hours of flight time who is still flying a Cessna 140 he bought in 1966. Over the past 50 years Kelley has earned a commercial certification and an instrument rating as well as became a certified flight instructor and aircraft mechanic.

Master Pilot Award

John Duncan – Image via U.S. Department of Transportation

John Duncan started flying in 1964 and after becoming an Airline Transport Pilot with commercial privileges in seaplanes and gliders flew safely in a wide variety of roles as a pilot. In 1986 he joined the FAA as an Aviation Safety Inspector and now leads the office responsible for all FAA Safety Inspectors.

According to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, who knows both pilots and was able to present them with the award “Both Bill and John are enthusiastic aviators with a lifelong, heartfelt passion for all segments of aviation – and today, they can add a new title to their collection of aviation certifications as our newest Wright Brothers Master Pilots.”

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