Adventure Seaplanes “Frankenstein Monsters” Fly On

Adventure Seaplanes Business Remains Untouched By NIMBY’s – For Now…

Exceeding a noise limit by 2.5 decibel is a big deal in California, exceeding it twice over a period of time is the equivalent of a declaration of war. That’s what BridgeNet, which had been hired to monitor transgressions of the “Frankenstein Monsters” (this is a new term for seaplanes used by Mr. Stephen Fein) in Richardson Bay had proven. About 250 people attended the meeting, stuffing the house quite well at times. Two commission members — Margaret Curran and John Eller recused themselves because they live close to the area where the business, Seaplane Adventures, operates. At least one other commission member remained unsure about their jurisdiction.

“This is an unusual hearing,” said Commissioner Pete Theran, who said he had never seen a standing-room-only audience for a commission meeting. Responding to complaints from Strawberry homeowners and other residents about noise from the planes, the county’s planning division was recommending modification of Seaplane Adventures’ 1981 use permit. In the end, the commission had to throw up its hands, citing that it’s hands were tied in working further against Adventure Seaplanes, as it had intended to.

Singer obviously got little microphone time, less than stellar video coverage can be found online. Here’s a tidbit.

Of course this can only be a short relief for the business, as NIMBY’s who had no idea about a seaplane business being there for 70 years prior to moving in, will find new ways and methods to get more “authorities” involved. With some luck, more of those “authorities” will learn to question their own jurisdiction, prior to restricting a business from its very purpose.

Thanks to Mary Grady, Paul Bertorelli and Russ Niles for putting this topic dead front center on during the days leading up to this hearing and thanks to those who have written in support of Mr. Singers business based on our calls to action here and on

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