NBAA – Ed Bohlen On ATC Privatization


NBAA’s Ed Bohlen Interview On ATC Privatization

Ed Bohlen from NBAA gave a phone interview on the downfalls of President Trumps plan to privatize the ATC System in the U.S. on KTRS 550, who uploaded the video to Youtube.

NBAA has been leading the effort to oppose the effort, which seeks to transfer the Air Traffic Control system to the hands of a NGO, comprised of primarily airline executives, thereby effectively removing oversight from the process. Airlines, which have a tradition of finding themselves unable to address and properly solve issues such as crew duty and rest times, blame the inability to perform on time in major hubs primarily on others.

In recent weeks the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association had called upon AOPA to stop referring to Canada’s already privatized system as a negative example of ATC Privatization. COPA’s President voiced upset with the rhetoric, claiming that Canadian pilots have prospered under the new system. Voices from pilots in the field indicate that the step stifled and inhibited growth in the already overpriced Business & General aviation industry.

With a large and almost exclusive pool of discussions appearing on various social media channels it has become somewhat clear that each side ed-emphasises the other parties viewpoint leading those who try to follow the topic on wild goose chases around the depths of the world wide web. Considering that decisions are made in Washington and not on Facebook by the use of social justice, it would seem sensible to get involved beyond that level of engagement.

Consequently, NBAA has provided members and non members with various options to contact their elected representatives in Congress. We invite our readers to check those out via:

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