Port Angeles Harbor, Washington Seeking Seaplane Base

Port Angeles HarborPort Angeles Harbor - Image via Marinas.com

Port Angeles Harbor, which already host’s seaplanes in undesignated areas, is looking to add an official seaplane base.

Port Angeles Harbor

Port Angeles Harbor

There is already seaplane activity in the Port Angeles Harbor in Washington. The seaplanes land in undesignated areas just off the downtown shoreline and then ferry over to the Boat Haven west of the city for docking. But, Port Angles thinks they can do better; Dan Gase, the business and real estate manager for the port has proposed to port commissioners that an application for a seaplane base be submitted.

They are hoping for a 3,200-foot strip to be designated by compass headings as a sea lane. The sea lane would be initially designated for private and charter aircraft and would allow passengers to quickly disembark for easy access to downtown.

“Perhaps, with the final stages of the waterfront improvement plan, [the city] could also incorporate a dock facility for a seaplane out by Hollywood Beach next to perhaps where the Feiro Marine Lab is now, in that general area,” Gase said at the meeting, adding that the seaplane docking area would complement the nearby City Pier floating docks the city has promised to re-install by Memorial Day 2018.

The fact that there is already easy access to U.S. Customs agents at the harbor for ferries, it would make seaplane travel between Victoria and Washington even easier, with the option for a customs agent to walk over and meet them at the plane.

Members of the planning council have been working with the city and have already been meeting with the Washington Seaplane Pilot’s Association about the plan. Establishment of the strip “would not only be a boon to the community but also be a real boon to the seaplane community and the people that travel by seaplane,” Bruce Hinds, a past president of the association and a current board member, said Tuesday in an interview.

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