Breezer Aircraft – German Passion In SPORT Mode

The Breezer Aircraft Team In Front Of The All New Breezer Sport

Breezer Aircraft Turned Heads When Showing Off Its Newest Creation At The Lübeck Airshow

The Breezer Aircraft Team

One of the huge benefits of running an online aviation news site is that many of the people who make things happen in aviation (rather than watch or wonder what happened) invite us to visit and check out their newest creations. To get us interested the flying object doesn’t have to have floats or be particularly well suited for swimming or floating. We love it if it flies! Even more fun it is to bring news about some of the most innovative companies Europe has to offer, Breezer Aircraft, being built less than 200 miles from where this article was typed.

This plane rightfully claims to be ALL NEW.

Aerodynamically improved fuselage, sunk rivets, completely new wing design and construction, new main spar, new cockpit, new seats, new engine mounts, new tail, new measurements, new gear, new winglets, new aerodynamic profile. Looking at it coming straight from the production line, nothing on or in this airplane remains the way it was before. And yet its still the same in harmonic design, nice and humble flight characteristics built from the material that keeps aviation alive today – aluminum.

Built to EASA & FAA Ultralight & Sport certification specs the aircraft will cruise at 133 knots, with a VNE of 156 knots, sporting one of four available low fuel consumption Rotax powerplants (912S, 912ULS, 912iS or 915iSC) and comes with a standard tank holding 27.7 gallons of gas.

Breezer Aircraft is located in 25821 Bredstedt, Germany which is about 100 miles NNW of Hamburg and the company currently employs 20 passionate people at its factory. Previous versions of the Breezer have gained high popularity among pilots and this one is geared for success as well. Check them out via their website and stay tuned for more from us on this aircraft and nice team behind it!

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