Plane Owners Scrambling To Get Away From Irma


Florida Aircraft Owner Seeking Shelter And Safe Havens For Aircraft & Floatplanes

IrmaHurrican Irma is causing some difficulty for pilots and aircraft owners. Time is running out for those located across the Sunshine State who may have hesitated to move their airplanes or just planned to tie them down and hope for the best. Insurance companies may or may not be willing to help. AIG, for instance, will reimburse owners for a portion of costs incurred in moving the aircraft out of harm’s way.

Owners should check with their underwriters to see what’s covered—and when. Most underwriters don’t offer the reimbursement option. Agents have been receiving calls and emails to cease binding coverage for Florida owners until the storm passes.

A spokesperson for Avemco, the largest direct writer of small aircraft aviation insurance, said that it does not reimburse owners for removal expenses. However, it does cover losses incurred in hangars including liability if an aircraft is blown into other aircraft or structures as recently shared on

Florida is behind California and Texas for having the most aircraft registered, according to the FAA. More than 21,000 aircraft of all types are registered in Florida and many are located at threatened coastal areas. Just today the owner of a Beaver on straight floats reached out to our Emergency & Disaster Response contacts to get his aircraft sheltered out of state.

Seaplane owners are generally advised to use available listings such as to find and locate official seaplane bases with possible tie down or storage options. With more than 490 certified seaplane bases on record the site presents the best free option to get in touch with someone able to help quickly. In case we can assist you in securing your seaplane, please write us at [email protected]

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