Seaplane Operator, Air Juan, Plans to Double Capacity

double capacityImage courtesy of Air Juan

Air Juan is currently the sole commercial seaplane operator in the Philippines and has plans to double capacity of their operation.

double capacity

Image courtesy of Air Juan

Air Juan, which has now been in business for 5 years after first forming in 2012, recently announced its plans to continue to grow well into the future. Air Juan currently has 11 aircraft in it’s fleet, which focuses mainly on inter-island travel within the Philippines. Four of those aircraft are currently configured as seaplanes which operate out of its terminal in the CCP Complex in Manila Bay.

Air Juan President John Gutierrez made the announcement of the company’s plans to double capacity of the operation during a recent event to mark the fifth anniversary of the company, according to The Business Inquirer. “In an age of budget airlines, we are different,” Gutierrez said, citing the company’s focus on “time sensitive” clientele, or those willing to pay more to avoid the inconvenience of using a large airport. According to Gutierrez, “You cannot put a price on an individual’s time.”

Air Juan currently has around 16 scheduled routes but with volume steadily growing and around 1,500 passengers each month, Gutierrez thinks that those figures could easily be doubled in five years’ time.

Seaplanes play a big part in the plan, with the convenience and time saving options they offer. “With our seaplane service, we cut our travel time against larger airlines by at least half,” Gutierrez said. He went on to explain that a typical trip from Manila to Boracay island took four hours—most of which is spent inside the airport. In the case of Air Juan, passengers can arrive at the terminal 20 minutes before their flight, which would then fly them straight to Boracay Island’s Station 1.

Big plans, but great news for those pilots who are looking for a place to fly scheduled seaplane routes!

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