Flying Through The Eye of Hurricane Irma

eye of hurricane irmaImage via Screenshot

Weather got you grounded, you could be flying through the eye of Hurricane Irma instead; and we’ve found video of what it would look like.

eye of hurricane irma

Image via Screenshot

Hurricane’s Harvey and Irma have already brought a huge amount of destruction and turmoil for everyone involved. Luckily the seaplane and aviation community have responded and those with the ability to fly and help have already began doing so.

For those, who may not have their own plane or are not in a position to help, the weather may simply mean that, for the time being, you are simply grounded. But if you work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) then a hurricane is just your time to shine.

Take a look at the video below, taken from a NOAA plane as it flies directly into the eye of Hurricane Irma, a category 5 hurricane at the time of the flight.

NOAA’s Hurricane Hunter is an WP-3D Orion aircraft but missions similar to this have been flown in a G-IV by NOAA  and in a WC-130J by the Air National Guard. The flights are done to help collect data about the storms that cannot be collected by outside sources alone and are instrumental in helping to save lives by accurately predict the storm’s path and movement.

While flying through a storm of this magnitude is something that most of us will never experience (and many of us never want to), it is an amazing sight and an awesome experience to even see on video as the weather and the atmosphere changes as the plane reaches different parts of the storm.

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