ICON Video Demonstrates A5’s Spin Resistance

ICONPicture: Video Screenshot

ICON Video Demonstrates A5’s Spin Resistance

The folks at ICON sent the following video out to deposit holders and newsletter subscribers not to long ago.

Kirk Hawkins wrote: “I think you’ll like this video. As a deposit holder, by now you’ve heard all about the A5’s groundbreaking Spin Resistant Airframe and its safety implications from a technical perspective. In fact, many of you have experienced firsthand how forgiving it is when stalled and poorly flown.  However, this new video captures the real-time and emotive reactions of pilots experiencing the A5’s remarkable behavior for the very first time — including former Cessna CEO and current EAA President Jack Pelton, and many others. Our videographer put this together from GoPro® footage he shot last year. Cool stuff. By the way: you’re watching the late Jon Karkow’s brilliance in action. He rocked it.”

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