Med-Trans Celebrates 35 Years of Making a Difference

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Med-Trans Air Medical Transport recently celebrated their 35th anniversary of using aviation to help save and improve lives.

Med-TransLewisville, Texas – Med-Trans Corporation joined team members past and present along with their partners across 26 states to celebrate 35 years of safely making a difference in the outcomes of the patients they have served.

From the company’s early focus that began in the upper Midwest community of Bismarck, N.D. to today being a leading provider of medical transportation solutions, now calling the suburbs of north Dallas home, Med-Trans has a proud history. Over these past 35 years, the company has transported and cared for more than 250,000 patients under the pillars of SAFETY, PREMIER PATIENT CARE, and SERVICE/RELATIONSHIP INTEGRITY.

Med-Trans has grown into a leading national medical transport provider, focused on establishing intimate relationships with leading health systems, medical centers, and EMS agencies. With a broad range of solutions, Med-Trans is able to help its partners stay focused on patients, knowing that they have a shared value set and focus from their transportation partner. With relationships now in 26 states and operations from more than 90 base locations, Med-Trans and its dedicated workforce of more than 1,200 employees are making a difference in lives and communities each and every day.

“We have much to celebrate, especially those 250,000 patients we have touched and our close partnerships with many of the leading health care organizations in America,” says Med-Trans President Rob Hamilton. “In the coming years, Med-Trans will continue to grow, providing our critical lifesaving service to more communities and positively affecting thousands of additional patients,” he added.

“We will continue to remember what has led to the success we have today, including the professionalism of our employees, our family-based culture and servant’s heart,” Hamilton added. Med-Trans is planning for the future by building a new corporate headquarters and training academy at the executive airport in Denton, Texas.

Tom Rohlfs, VP of Business Development and Marketing, noted that upon the turn of the century, the company began service in major markets such as Texas, South Dakota, Colorado, California and South Carolina.

In 2006, after the company’s founder decided to retire and sell the company, Med-Trans joined private-equity backed Air Medical Group Holdings (AMGH). With new ownership came new leadership as Fred Buttrell, Med-Trans CEO, joined the team.


Image courtesy of Med-Trans

Buttrell relocated the headquarters to Lewisville, Texas, where the company would have access to many essential supply chain relationships and recruitment options. His extensive aviation experience brought Med-Trans into a new era of safety enhancements with the addition of twin-engine and Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) certified airframes, night vision goggles, increased training hours for the pilots and crew, autopilot addition to the single engine fleet, and the recruitment of top key industry leaders.

“Med-Trans will continue to lead this lifesaving industry into the future as a ‘partnership champion,'” said Fred Buttrell CEO of Air Medical Group Holdings. “We very much like to talk about being a 35-year-old company and we celebrate today that we have arrived here by being a family-based organization that is professionally run with the philosophy of service to others as we have grown. We are well positioned for the future because of our investment in technology, our people and service ethic.”

Med-Trans is a leading national air medical provider focused on establishing partnerships with hospital systems, medical centers and EMS agencies. Med-Trans offers customized air ambulance programs through alternative delivery/shared resource models, community based models and traditional hospital-based models.

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