Guest Editorial: Bryan Webster – Why I Fly

WebsterAll Pictures: Courtesy of Bryan Webster

Guest Editorial: Bryan Webster – Why I Fly

Submitted by Bryan Webster: Recently my wife Patti and I had our young cousin from Alberta stay with us for a week. Soon after all the touristy missions were completed in downtown Victoria we headed for the Raven Airport and Float plane base. Now Buskers the museum and Beacon Hill Park do have a lot to offer, but once a little person is exposed to flight an entirely new experience unfolds. First off apparently even a ride on a 1930’s tractor can be entertaining, after that our 1947 Luscombe is found floating at the dock and a brand new world unfolds.

A flight over to Shawnigan Lake for a swim itself often puts a very large smile on most passengers, but to an eleven year old it is a whole new concept not available in the finger touch eye balls locked down onto a video screen which seems to be a daily norm.

Picture: Courtesy of Bryan Webster

Once securely tied to the dock and within minutes the warm summer water was hard to resist so into the lake we go again with lots of enthusiasm. Not to say the day would be complete for most on the way home I was asked what is the difference between landing an airplane on water or a runway, so to answer I left it up to John Howroyd.

Before long off they go into the wild blue yonder calling back to the ground from above with arms waving.
The next day to help complete our young aviators education we attended the PBY Canso party complete with a Big Band at Victoria Air maintenance. I am still many days later receiving text messages from Ava saying what a Great visit she had to our beautiful West Coast including all her flight related experiences which she will never forget.

Now that our young Eagle is back in her Alberta nest we return to our normal flight routine which includes trips to many incredible lakes here on Vancouver Island where I am still trying to impress the older girls same as I have since 1978. Enjoy our Flying world and keep em in the air.

Bryan Webster is a 12.000 + hour pilot actively flying on the BC coast today. In 1977 he was a passenger involved in a water crash while the pilot attempted to avoid power lines draped over the Fraser River east of Vancouver. He owns and operates &– Aviation Egress Training Systems, headquartered in Victoria, BC, Canada. For questions or to enroll in the Aviation Egress Ditch Training Program contact – “Bry the Dunker Guy” at 1-877-GO-DITCH or per email: [email protected]

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