CL-415 Clips Barge In France While Scooping Water

While scooping up water a Canadair CL-415 air tanker clipped it’s wing on the mast of a barge in France.

Video has been released of a Canadair CL-515 water-scooping air tanker that clipped the mast of a barge on the edge of the river while scooping water. The video was shot northwest of Marseille, France as the plane was scooping in the Rhône River near the port of Vallabregues on August 27, 2017.

The accident has been recorded as Occurrence # 199266 with the Aviation Safety Network and fortunately there were no injuries. A statement has been released from Lieutenant Colonel Bernier from the Office Manager communication of the direction of the Sécurité Civile, “The wing of the Fire-fighting plane is damaged, it will be unavailable for several weeks, there were projections on two barges, fortunately without making of wounded person. They are experimented and confirmed pilots who knew well the stretch of water. They managed to fly up to the base of Nîmes. The pilot and the co-pilot are shocked, they were suspended as a protective measure and are going to be examined by a specialized doctor who has to make sure that they are in capacity to re-fly. ”

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