Surf’s Up Behind the Grumman Albatross

Grumman Albatross

Want to surf one of the rarest waves in the world? Try to catch a wave behind an elusive Grumman Albatross.

The 1951 Grumman Albatross flying boat is one of the most beloved amphibious aircraft to ever fly. Unfortunately for most of us, the Grumman Albatross is so rare that we may never get the chance to even see one in person, much less fly, ride, or surf behind one.

Surfing behind one is exactly what one adventurer has managed to do, and he’s caught the ride on video to share with all of those who would otherwise never believe his tale.

While we may can think of a lot of other things we’d like to do with a 1951 Grumman Albatross, for now we’ll just be content to watch this beauty pull around a surfer before rising off the water and flying off into the future.

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