A Quick Look at the Amphibious Waco YMF-5F

amphibious waco YMF-5FImages courtesy of Waco.

The Waco Classic Aircraft Corporation has recently announced the release of their newest creation, the amphibious Waco YMF-5F.

amphibious waco YMF-5F

Images courtesy of Waco.

Waco Classic Aircraft Corporation has added a new aircraft to their fleet; the amphibious Waco YMF-5F. The new plane was just announced last week and we’ve found a couple of videos released by Waco showing off the plane during some of it’s first tests.

The first video below is the amphibious Waco YMF-5F completing it’s first takeoff on water in Gull Lake, Michigan, USA. The pilot for this first water takeoff was Bob Wagner.

This second video shows the YMF-5F taxiing out of the water and up onto the dock after some time on the water in Bay City, Michigan, USA.

The YMF-5F coming out of the water at Bay City Michigan.

The New WACO YMF-5Fwww.WacoAircraft.com

Posted by Waco Classic Aircraft Corporation on Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Waco is scheduled to fly with someone special soon, so stay tuned for more coverage here!

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