Watch a TMA Pilot Parallel Park His Seaplane Easier Than a Car

TMA PilotImage Courtesy of Trans Maldivian Airways

This TMA pilot can parallel park his seaplane better than some people can park their car, take a look at his effort in this video.

TMA Pilot

Image Courtesy of Trans Maldivian Airways

Let’s face it… parallel parking is one part of driving that some people just never quite seem to master. Of course, it’s not the only part but we’ve all seen it; some guy pulls up to a nice big open spot and then proceeds to spend the next eight minutes completely blocking traffic while pulling backwards and forwards, never quite managing to get into the intended spot.

Now think about how that translates to a seaplane; not only do you have propellers that are constantly moving, there are also the factors of the blowing wind, and the always moving water that add to the challenge of moving the plane in the direction you want it to go…and all that without any brakes!

Take a look at the video below of a TWA pilot as he pulls up to dock his Trans Maldivian Airway’s Twin Otter. You’ll either be impressed or jealous of his parallel parking skills, and chances are, it’ll be both.

Posted by Aeronaves on Sunday, April 9, 2017

While not all seaplanes have the thrust-reverse capabilities that this twin otter has, with enough time and experience, most seaplane pilots should be able to achieve this level of proficiency. After all the better a job you do of parking, the less wet you get.

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