Here’s Why We Need More Seaplane Rides

seaplane ridesImage via Screenshot

The reaction in this birthday surprise video shows exactly why the world needs more seaplane rides.

seaplane rides

Image via Screenshot

We stumbled across this birthday surprise video from Dan and Lincoln Markham from the popular YouTube channel What’s Inside where seaplanes make a big appearance. On their second channel, What’s Inside Family, they took a trip to a cabin on a lake just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska to celebrate a birthday. The biggest part of the celebration was a surprise landing of a seaplane at the lake to ferry the birthday boy (and pilot) back to the city.

Take a look below at the joy and excitement shared by both Grandpa Bill and Lincoln as they get to experience a seaplane ride for the first time in this 1994 Maule MX-7 180A. The video starts part of the way through to jump you ahead to the seaplane part but feel free to back it up and enjoy the whole thing if you have a few extra minutes. It will give you a little more background information about why it’s so surprising to see how Grandpa Bill reacts to the opportunity.

That “awesome” look that Lincoln has on his face for the duration of the ride; that, “let me get my phone” and there will be no more arguments from Bill; those are the reasons that more people need to experience flight in a seaplane. And as pilots, potential pilots, or just seaplane lovers, it’s our job to continue to put seaplanes on the forefront of people’s mind and keep building the positive image of #TheFutureofWaterflying.

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