Blast From The Past – Wannsee Seaport 1998


Enjoy A Blast From The Past From Wannsee In Berlin

With the help of former Flieger Revue editor in chief, Detlef Billig, we were made aware of a past event that qualifies for a “Blast From The Past” article on this page. The 1998 Seaport Wannsee event commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift with an impressive assortment of flying boats landing and taking off on Lake Wannsee near Berlin.


The event, which ran from August 21.-23. 1998 in Berlin, was made available as DVD video as it so impressively highlights the importance of seaplanes in post war Germany. Veteran aviator Achim Rieck offers the DVD for purchase through his website.

Sunderland,Tudor, Lancastrian, York, Lincoln, Halton, Freighter, Hastings, Skymaster, und Skytrain. Fmr. President Clinton und late Chancellor Kohl can be seen during the christening ceremony of a C-17 Globemaster III names „Spirit of Berlin“ in Berlin-Tempelhof.

Of course, the stars of the fly in: PBY Catalina (with historic pictures), Grumman Albatross, Berijew Tschaika (incl. waterdrop), Grumman Goose, Widgeon, Beaver, Twin Bee, Renegade, Buccaneer, Mi-2, UH-1D and a bunch of others, both in formation shots and on their own. Run time is about 40 minutes in color.

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