International Seaplane Reunion 2018 In Poland

Courtesy of Jakub Fajfer

The International Seaplane Reunion 2018 In Poland

Courtesy of Jakub Fajfer

Stanisław Tołwiński, the president of Aeroklub Krainy Jezior,  has invited fellow pilots and friends to the 20th Anniversary of “The Masurian Airshow” and “The International Seaplane Reunion – Masuria 2018” at the Great Masurian LAKES, (Pojezierze Mazurskie) in Poland. The event runs from August 1st to the 5th, 2018.

“The flying season 2017 is over for most of us, this is the best time to make plans for the coming season 2018 and especially to choose some beautiful places we are going to visit. To make that choice easier I would like to extend a cordial invitation to the 20th Anniversary of the Reunion in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes. Between 1st and 6th August 2018 the ‘International Seaplane Reunion – Masuria 2018’ will take place at the Kętrzyn Wilamowo airport, EPKE, and on the waters of the Great Masurian Lakes in Poland. Owners, operators and cabin crew of the magnificent seaplane aircraft will meet again to spend unique holidays together and enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the Great Polish Masurian Lakes.

At the same time all aviation enthusiasts will be treated to an exceptional airshow. They will be able to admire the proficiency of many great aerial-acrobats, as well as witness a number of extraordinary flying machines during ‘The Masurian Airshow 2018’ that will take place on 4th and 5th August 2018 on the Niegocin Lake near to Giżycko, a lovely town in the middle of the Great Masurian Lakes. This very impressive and spectacular scenery is a stunning background to this very special event in Europe.

Our aim is to create many active leisure opportunities for all flight crews of the Seaplane Reunion, with many different tours around the Great Masurian Lakes District, both via air and water. We intend to visit some local historical sites (Masurian Castles, Święta Lipka, The Wolf’s Lair – Wilczy Szaniec, etc.) and we hope to offer to all participants of the Seaplane Reunion a remarkable, friendly vacation full of many unforgettable impressions and relaxing moments.

The Masurian Airshow (the grand finale of the meeting) has been organized every year for 20 years and according to last years turn out, we can expect about 150.000 – to 200.000 people watching this show from the shores of the Niegocin Lake next year. The Masurian Lakes, the second biggest lake district in Europe, extend over a large area and therefore they provide a great opportunity for many different kinds of tourism, especially including exploring Masuria via seaplanes.

Seaplanes from all over Europe are invited to attend the Reunion and the following Airshow as well. We will assist you in the logistic of such a nice trip, including multiple landing areas on a number of different Masurian lakes, tourist sites and places of interest as well. We will also provide aviation fuel, secure airplane housing, help with car rental and anything else on request from the pilots who wish to attend.

The event will also provide an exceptional chance to showcase the largest assembly of seaplanes in Poland and therefore to popularize this reunion we welcome all pilots and owners of seaplanes. Are you interested in participating and have more questions? Send us your questions and inquiries via email to:
Jakub Fajfer [email protected] and DW [email protected].

We are awaiting any comments and queries, which will be answered by our colleague Jakub Fajfer – responsible for the cooperation with the crews. We look forward to meeting you in this exceptional Land of the Thousand Lakes. It will be a unique occasion to present and advertise seaplanes not only in Poland but also in all of Europe.

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