SeaBear Aircraft Supports 2018

CommunityCaption: SeaBear Aircraft

First Community Supporter Is Russian Aircraft Manufacturer SeaBear Aircraft


Caption: SeaBear Aircraft

Bringing every day is quite rewarding, as we get to deal with the coolest people and companies in our industry. But, providing a free online magazine for people to visit everyday costs lots of time, effort and money. Knowing that our loyal readers and friends want to see this site continued, we tried to bring various online advertising options to the table and are now in the final stages of determining just exactly what we can rock, in 2018.

Making our lives a bit easier here at is our first community supporter SeaBear Aircraft. The Russian company has been the topic of several articles on our page, all of which met a highly interested audience. For example, Thomas Giegerich shared his three part trip report to Samara, Russia to test and fly the aircraft and develop plans to bring this aircraft to Europe. Here is how they present themselves in our community pages and there are several more spots available. We offer something for any budget!


Our sincere thanks to the folks at SeaBear Aircraft together with an invite to our other industry players and partners to consider supporting the coolest site on the topic of Waterflying through advertising!

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