Outlook: The Future Of Seaplanemagazine.com

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Whats On The Horizon For Seaplanemagazine.com 2018

After starting this site in January 2016 we quickly realized that the magazine would be very well received by our community and within the industry at large. Both, Chris Buckner and myself have had a bunch of fun, tremendous networking opportunities and lots of very positive and upbeat contacts to pilots who love and fly seaplanes. Its time to share some insights with our readers about the future of the site, as seen from here.

Companies and associations sent us their news, no less than 14 guest editors submitted articles and we have received hundreds of pictures from events, fly-ins and – oftentimes -, directly from peoples backyard. Today we count almost 500 articles in publication. Invites exist to fly and review aircraft, review books, products and visit events. The list of well meant compliments is long and the site is growing in reach significantly. As an example, ever since delivering more articles, our number of followers on Facebook has quadrupled.

Graphics: “Facebook Like” Growth Chart November 2017 – We are beyond 830 these days.

The Team

With us from the early days on is Sky Terry, a Washington State nurse who has dedicated countless hours developing better emergency plans for the people on the West Coast, a program which, according to him, has gained much momentum through the opportunity to write about the efforts here. That’s good news for us, as it indicates that even people without a heavy affection for aviation read this online magazine. There are some issues with collaboration between associations, which – quite frankly – should be bending over backwards to be involved and pulling together, but that is – like in the past and for the foreseeable future – a work in progress.

Content Ads are shown in 30 articles per month. Available in small and large sizes. (Small shown here)

It took another while before we could pull Dave Marion on our side. Dave has been writing deep and well researched articles that have held our readers attention, despite today’s fast-lived world. His article list is getting longer and longer and we are glad to have him on the team. Talk about someone with passion. We would love to pay our content editors for their time and work.

Investments Made During 2017

Besides domain and hosting renewals and securing the site for next three years, this site no longer a hobby time-wise. Neither from a viewpoint of the material we receive, nor from the work and time that goes into the website, can it be maintained leisurely. We need to build funds for event reporting, insurances, legal defense and the site needs to begin contributing to the bottom line for those who make it happen everyday. That was the goal at the end of last year, albeit we had to table that goal, due to work commitments both Chris Buckner and I had.

Investments were made into our display theme, adding some quirks and benefits here and there to improve the sites mobile performance as well as providing a top notch advertising system which can be managed entirely in-house and in direct dialog with the customer.

Available Options Front Page

So yes, eventually there will be ads here, the question is, if they will come from an advertising aggregator at high cost for the advertiser and low ROI for us, or from the individual companies who have decided to support this site directly. That, dear reader, is a difficult thing to accomplish. While companies jump on the free coverage, they are not quite as quick in helping to push something new along.

We opted to remain a free magazine which pursues the goal of open access to all so that Seaplane Flying gets properly promoted and finds new and primarily younger, affluent supporters around the world. There are options to provide the site in the form of a news app. Our audience is MUCH younger than the average print magazine customer, more open-minded to new concepts and realizes that nobody can work for free indefinitely.

Just like some of the bigger online news pages we already attract the “cream of the crop” in terms of audience. Quite a few readers would like and support the idea of “privileged access” – a club magazine if you will – however this is directly opposed to our goal to bring a new generation of seaplane pilots together and foster #TheFutureOfWaterflying worldwide. Things like this can’t be done without the very industry that loves to see itself covered online.

We Need Advertisers To Keep This Going

Now Is The Time To Sign Up! Not sometime next year, not 2026. If your company or a company you deal with could or should be part of this site, then lets talk or send them our way! Don’t leave it to any marketing agency to make it happen, there is a 99.8% chance, it won’t. There are options available for almost every budget!

Our decision as to how much work and effort we will be able to put into this as a team is directly connected to the very companies you have seen covered here, news- wise. We will have an answer to some of the questions we got in the last several weeks and months about the sites future, by the middle of January, 2018. Some good developments have already happening which gives us reason to be excited.

Thanks for your patronage & support during the last two years!

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  1. Jake Morrel author of “Hardscrabble Lodge-True Maine Bush Flying Stories” and “Dick Folsom: Bush Pilot- A Legend Reflects” I would gladly advertise.

  2. This has been a wonderful privilege to get the opportunity to work with this group. I’ve learned a lot as I’ve written these articles about disaster response and development over the years. Those of us working hard to better prepare the west coast for the major earthquake that is to come can’t thank this magazine enough for the open support by sharing these articles that they provide and we believe it’s made our effort easier as people better understand not just the value of seaplanes, but general aviation as whole. Thank you seaplanemagazine.com and very much looking forward to writing even more on further developments as the West Coast gets better prepared for what is to come.

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