Pearl Harbor Surviving Planes In Flight

PearlPicture: Screenshot from Video

Pearl Harbor Surviving Planes In Flight – At The Mid America Flight Museum

Erik Johnson writes: There are four flying surviving aircraft that we know of from the December 7th attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the U.S. into WWII. We have two of them at the Mid America Flight Museum in Mt. Pleasant Texas. We had an opportunity to fly both the Ford Trimotor and Grumman Duck in formation for some cameras to capture the magic of this formation. This was a very special treat to be able to partake in this historic flight. What an amazing experience I will never forget.

Mid America Flight Museum is based in Mt. Pleasant Texas (KOSA). The museum differentiates itself from many other museums in that the great majority of the airplanes in the museum fly on a regular basis, and that ongoing projects are being restored to fly! The long term mission of the museum is to honor veterans, mentor kids, preserving aviation history and providing opportunity for community involvement. Mid America Flight Museum is located in 602 Mike Hall Pkwy Mount Pleasant, Texas, TX 75455. Check

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