Happy New Year From Seaplanemagazine.com

YearPicture: Courtesy of Pacific Coastal Airlines

Happy New Year From Seaplanemagazine.com

Incidentally, this New Years greeting to our readers is also the 500th piece of content for Seaplanemagazine. We have had an amazing and successful 2017 and look forward to a busy and interesting 2018. January is booked solid with Waterbird Gallery submissions and we look forward to many more coming in. The first sponsors and advertisers have committed to support the continued existence of this site, which is and remains free for our audience. We still struggle with being limited in terms of aviation events we can cover, but are positive that things will change as more people come on board and learn about Seaplanemagazine.com

Picture: Courtesy of Pacific Island Air

Thanks to those who have shared our articles via Facebook, Twitter and on other sites, we have reached the busiest and also the most remote places on planet earth and many thousands of affectionate and water flying addicted individuals, companies and associations. With currently 864 Likes and 884 Followers we organically reach between 500-600 users on Facebook every single day.

From Light Sport Seaplanes (LSA) to the heaviest flying boat, nearly everything has been covered. In an effort to bring more articles highlighting the importance of Seaplanes in Business Aviation, we have reached out to countless companies and news-makers, successfully increasing our audience to all walks of life in aviation. This naturally lead to including land-based general & business aviation topics, which helped to take us a step away from being solely dependent on sometimes slow developments in the water flying world.

Companies are invited to submit news, but also consider us for posting open Job Opportunities for Pilots, Mechanics or Dock-hands, to support our page by display advertising, featuring products, books, videos or advertorials. We have been asked and are researching options for those who want to have classified listings for used aircraft, floats or other aviation related equipment. Our success in finding support from the industry we cover, determines the future of the planned Seaplanemagazine.com app and our ability to report from site at some of our upcoming 2018 Aviation Events. Our readers help to make it happen is much appreciated! For those on low budgets, we have tailored options through our community pages. To find out more, simply email us via [email protected]

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