Trick Air Ski Plane Fly-In At Jackson Seaplane Base

2017 Event Picture - Courtesy of Paul Jackson

Third Trick Air Ski Plane Fly In At Jackson Seaplane Base In McGregor MN

Paul Jackson, who is one of our FIRST EVER guest editors (he wrote the famous “How To Get A Seaplane Base Certified – Almost” article when was brand spanking new) has sent details about the third upcoming Trick Air Ski Plane Fly In, set to take place on January 20, 2018 at the Jackson Seaplane Base in McGregor, Minnesota. The field is 8 miles NE of KHZX which has 100LL and courtesy car.

“The base is on the east shore to the south of Horseshoe Lake. Mogas is available at the supper club on the NE corner if needed. You may find it via: MN6146-43-00.81N/ 93-12-36.80W and the field elevation is 1225 MSL.

If you are coming a distance and want to overnight Friday and/ or Saturday bring a fart sack and a pad as I will have room at the main cabin but a shortage of bunks. I have power for your Tanis but please bring cords for your plane. We should be able to park some on shore this year as the seaplane ramp had tree trimming this summer and is now passable to get to ramp in front of hangar. Let me know in advance if you are overnighting.

[email protected] or call 612-963-1655. I will have handhelds on 122.90 on the day of the event.

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